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    Energia Renovável

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    Renewable energy alternatives

    Mining is an energy- and carbon-intensive industry that has costs as a significant factor. In addition, as global energy costs continue to fluctuate, energy security and costs will be absolutely critical to controlling OPEX.
    • Solutions

      Technology and solutions needed to fully optimize energy usage through energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy and new energy technologies. Schneider Electric's hybrid generation Photo Voltaic Systems and Hybrid System Architecture address the most economical energy mix.
    • Value Proposition

      • In high irradiation areas, low-level cost of energy (LCOE) achieved by Solar PV already makes it affordable.
      • Solar PV is scalable as plants are designed based on standardized building blocks.
      • Solar power systems can be built quickly, even in difficult climates.
      • Power can be produced where it is needed, and without transmission line losses.
      • Solar can be combined with diesel gensets and battery systems to form a micro-grid that does not rely on the grid.
    • Differentiation

      Schneider Electric has expertise in the key disciplines to deliver effective renewable-based systems:
      • Worldwide solution capabilities
      • Mining experience
      • Solar power solutions
      • Micro-grid expertise
      • Integration of renewable energy into other systems


    • Fábrica de cimento à noite, produção de cimento.
      Reduce energy costs
    • Instalação para perfuração de gás, petróleo e gás, indústria mineira
      Reduce your impact on the environment
    • Mineiro com um punhado de carvão, indústria mineira, processamento de minerais
      Greener and more sustainable operations