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    Integrated physical infrastructure and software solutions for your facility.

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    Reduzir as despesas de energia, o cumprimento das metas de sustentabilidade, melhorar o desempenho e garantir uptime de todos os seus sites críticos. Além disso, você deve ter a capacidade de escala ao longo prazo, a fim de atender a crescente demanda.
    • Solutions

      The continued growth of networked devices is placing significant demands on telecom services. To meet the telecom market’s expanding demand for cost-effective, highly agile, local and global data center solutions, you need a partner that can deliver business expertise. We are the only company that offers life cycle services, sustainability and energy capabilities, comprehensive data center software and solutions, and a full portfolio of modular and prefabricated offers.
    • Value Proposition

      Schneider Electric can help you reach your goals and answer key business challenges, while helping you grow your business and satisfy your customers.  By partnering with us, we offer market insights and expertise in energy, sustainability, and data centers, ensuring that telecom companies can overcome business challenges to reach peak performance.
    • Differentiation

      • We can help you achieve your sustainability and energy reduction targets with our sustainability services, software, and hardware to help you monitor energy usage.
      • Our colocation service providers can suggest ways to decrease your energy to help you support the fast growth of both fixed and mobile telecom services.
      • We can help you use your telecom data center to capture new business opportunities.
      • Schneider Electric can help you improve the performance of your large critical network data center sites by securing uptime and giving you reliable hardware and software to manage it.
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      • Our prefabricated modules and reference designs reduce build time, maximize uptime, and preserve CAPEX
      • StruxureWare software improves planning, minimizes risk, and allows proactive monitoring and control
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      • We provide efficiency solutions for all telecom facilities including office buildings, core network sites, data centers, and access network facilities
      • Leverage our energy procurement and sustainability services for effective management of all aspects of energy supply and use
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      • Our end-to-end data center physical infrastructure solutions enable fast deployment of new telecom service offerings
      • We have more than 7,000 dedicated data center experts