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    Operation and Maintenance

    For your changing building management system needs

    • Predictive Maintenance: A Better Building Approach

      Maintenance costs and energy expenses don't have to consume equal parts of your operating budget. Avoid traditionnal "wait till it breaks" approaches and reclaim up to 20% in energy savings by switching to a proactive, predictive services strategy.

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    • Smart Building Service Plans

      State of the art service plans that maintain the balance between cost, risk and asset value. Providing complete transparency, a proactive approach and responsive support. Smart Building Service Plans are our slution to your changing needs.

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    • História de cliente - Centro de Convenções da Pensilvânia

      Aproveitando uma oportunidade para impulsionar a economia regional e aumentar o espaço oferecido no centro de convenções, o proprietário embarcou em um empreendimento de expansão que também aproveitou tecnologias e sistemas inovadores.

      Saiba mais: História de cliente - Centro de Convenções da Pensilvânia
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      Historically, facility managers have had to choose between competing priorities to balance budget with building performance. Aging infrastructure and a loss of expertise can complicate the maintenance, management and long-term planning of your building.
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      Our Operation and Maintenance Solutions

      Control the cost and risk of managing buildings.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Ícone de serviços Trusted Advisor Single source for maintenace and energy efficiency services making planning and budgeting easier.
      • Earth icon Local Expertise Backed By Global Support Our expansive network of 6,000 engineers worldwide ensure we will always be there to support you.