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    Enabling K-12 Education

    What if you could save up to 30% in energy savings to reinvest those funds to address deferred maintenance?

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    Você enfrenta desafios assustadores, incluindo orçamentos contidos e custos operacionais crescentes, instalações em processo de envelhecimento e sistemas e tecnologia desatualizados, a necessidade de educar e mudar comportamentos que impactam o meio ambiente e os resultados financeiros da entidade, e crescentes pressões políticas quanto à mordomia financeira e estabilidade ambiental.
    • Solutions

      Whether you’re renovating existing schools or building new ones, Schneider Electric can help enable a wide variety of infrastructure solutions with funding leveraged through a comprehensive energy management and sustainability program. Our experts will help strengthen your district’s brand, alleviate the impact of decreased funding, and improve your sustainability performance.
    • Value Proposition

      With a wide array of experience, expertise and strategic alliances, Schneider Electric can help you meet the operational demands of today while making the advances that make a real difference for tomorrow. Our proven, non-traditional approach allows you to better manage your single largest controllable expense – energy. Every energy dollar you save through conservation is a dollar you can use for capital improvements.
    • Differentiation

      Faced with unprecedented budgetary pressures and a long list of deferred capital improvements, this forward-thinking school district opted for a performance contract from Schneider Electric to fund major renovations.


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      Energy Saving Projects – Guaranteed
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      Free up capital budgeted for building improvements through a guaranteed savings model
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      Maximize student performance by providing a healthy and comfortable environment